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會員卡有效期延期安排Arrangements for Membership Card Validity Extension


Not applicable to membership card that was expired before 7th January 2022

就政府最新的防疫措施,PowerPlay Arena將於2022年4月21日起再度開放。


於停業期間已到期的會員卡,可於2022年5月20日期前親臨本店2樓處理會員卡有效日期延期安排。PowerPlay Arena會繼續檢視此項安排或作出適當調整。

如欲查詢會員卡詳情,可登入 。

Under the order of Government on control of dispersion of COVID-19, PowerPlay Arena will be opened again on 21st April 2022.

To ensure that our members do not lose their privileges for the aforesaid temporarily close, membership card validity (includes Electronic Tokens and Tickets) will be extended 180 days automatically. Membership card that was expired before 7th January, 2022 will not be extended.

Membership card validity expire in the aforesaid temporary close period. Please bring along your membership card to 2/F of our amusement center directly for extending on/before 20th May 2022. This arrangement may be subject to further review and adjustment where appropriate.

To check membership card details, please log in at


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